You Donate. You Shop. We partner. And together we create jobs for people with disabilities.

Hire Entry Level Workers

Our job training programs produce skilled and reliable entry-level workers in a variety of high-demand fields. Give us a call at (305) 326-4205. We may have a qualified job candidate perfectly suited to your needs.

Hiring a Goodwill Graduate

When you hire a Goodwill graduate, you're not just getting an honest, hard-working, loyal employee. You're giving a fellow human being a chance at higher self-esteem, higher independence and a higher sense of purpose in the world. And Goodwill graduates can fill just about any job-industrial, retail, hospitality, banking-you name it. So next time you have an open position, please give us a call and see if there's a Goodwill graduate that you can hire.

Whether you're a person with disabilities seeking employment or an employer with a full time position that you need to fill, Goodwill's Job Development and Placement Services is ready to help. Our goal is to match employers' needs with our program participants' abilities, so that both parties are satisfied with the resulting partnership. And once the new employee is placed, Goodwill maintains contact with both parties for a full three months to ensure a high degree of satisfaction for both parties.

For employers, this means you can quickly and easily have carefully screened and qualified applicants who are ready to work referred to you within 24 hours of placing your request. You'll not only be filling a needed position within your company, but you'll be helping very capable people with disabilities become independent, contributing members of the community.

And the best part of Goodwill's Job Development and Placement Service is that it's entirely free of charge to both parties. So you not only save HR hassles, but you save on your bottom line, too. We even cover the cost of drug testing and criminal background checks.

Employers who choose to participate in our program can also gain important tax benefits. Plus, if you hire someone with a qualifying disability, you could receive a wage subsidy for hiring and providing on-the-job training for them. So, you can see that the savings can really add up.

For the program participants, it means help in the often daunting search for a paying, full time job that matches their skill and competence level--and the chance to become an independent, tax-paying member of the community. We provide job readiness training, job search assistance, placement assistance, career counseling and more. In short, it's everything a person with disabilities needs to get a hand up in the world of work.

Myths and Facts about workers with disabilities

MYTH: Hiring employees with disabilities increases workers' compensation insurance rates.
FACT: Insurance rates are based solely on the relative hazards of the operation and the organization's accident experience, no on whether workers have disabilities.

MYTH: Employees with disabilities have a higher absentee rate than employees without disabilities.
FACT: Studies by firms such as Dupont show that employees with disabilities are not absent any more than employees without disabilities.

MYTH: Considerable expense is necessary to accommodate workers with disabilities.
FACT: Most workers with disabilities require no special accommodations and the cost for those who do is minimal or much lower than many employers believe.

Studies by the President's Committee's Job Accommodation Network have shown that 15% of accommodations cost nothing, 51% cost between $1 and $500, 12% cost between $501 and $1,000, and 22% cost more than $1,000.