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Spark Joy and Declutter with Goodwill


The Marie Kondo and her Kon Mari Method of decluttering is sweeping the nation with the launch of her new Netflix show, “Tidying Up.”

Spring Cleaning isn’t new for us here at Goodwill South Florida - in fact, it’s kind of a big deal. You might say when it comes to second-hand stores; we’re the “original recyclers.”

And we want to help you declutter, organize your home, move towards less waste, and only keep the items that “bring you joy,” as Marie would say.

Let’s break down Marie’s Kon Mari Method, according to her website:

Rule 1 – Commit yourself to tidying up

The first step is a commitment to tidying up. You will feel a sense of accomplishment when you’ve finished your task.

Rule 2 – Imagine your ideal lifestyle

Next, envision your ideal lifestyle and how tidying up will help you get there.

Rule 3 – Discard and donate first

Gather all items in one place, moving one room at a time. Empty all closets of clothing; remove books from bookshelves, etc., and sort them into piles.

Rule 4 – Tidy by category not by location

Instead of organizing according to rooms such as a bedroom or kitchen, Kon Mari emphasizes categories of organization as listed in Rule 5. 

Rule 5 – Follow the right order

Sort items thoroughly and completely in the following order: 1. Clothing; 2. Books; 3. Papers; 4. Miscellaneous (DVDs, Toys, Kitchen, Décor, Bathroom, etc.); and 5. Sentimental Items.

Rule 6 – Ask yourself if it sparks joy

Here you examine the item. If it sparks joy you keep it, but if it doesn’t,  you thank it for the joy it once brought, and you donate it to Goodwill so it can bring joy to another.

When you declutter and donate to Goodwill, you’re helping fund programs to help train, employ and provide job placement for people with disabilities and other barriers to work, while helping to reuse and recycle items. Goodwill South Florida is a nonprofit organization that’s been serving Miami, Broward and Monroe counties for over 60 years.

Drop off your items at any of our 53 donation centers. For after-hours donations, visit any of our 34 stores, many with donation centers around back, for your convenience.

Watch our video for spring cleaning tips! Give it. Get it. Goodwill.