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Rehabilitation Services:

The Rehabilitation Services Division coordinates the mission of Goodwill Industries. This division is essentially the reason that Goodwill exists. The goal of Rehabilitation Services is to serve people with barriers to employment and independence, help them overcome those barriers and assist these individuals to transition into the community. Case management is provided to ensure all program participants develop to their maximum human potential and move resolutely toward their goal of independence. Everything else Goodwill does, including our entrepreneurial activities, are tools used as part of the integrated approach to assist the people served.

The Rehabilitation Services Division provides a comprehensive array of professional services to individuals preparing for work in the community. Some services are short term, including Work Evaluation to determine potential and chart a path to independence; Work Activities and Work Adjustment assist in minimizing the impact of the effect of the disability; and Vocational Training in six different skill areas provided by certified teachers.

Some individuals need longer-term services and are enrolled into Work Services in one of the four entrepreneurial divisions. The entrepreneurial divisions exist to provide a realistic work environment where people can grow in their skills, overcome their barriers to community placement, build a work history, develop a set of long term goals, improve their self-esteem and recognize their work as an individual. All this occurs with the guidance and support of the Goodwill rehabilitation professionals who provide continuing case management and support services. Finally, Placement Services are provided to assist individuals in gaining skills to seek, train and retain employment in the community.

The Division works in concert with the broader community, including various state agencies, public education, United Way agencies and other organizations to insure individuals have access to all needed services and that the services are logically coordinated.

Program participants face different challenges to achieve their independence. Some with less severe disabilities can reach their goals in a few weeks; for others it may take many years. All Goodwill services are transitional, including those served in our entrepreneurial divisions. Our commitment to transitioning workers at their peak performance and employ an individualized plan is what makes Goodwill different from traditional schools and employers.


Demonstrating our commitment to the hightest standards of quality, public accountability and transparency, Goodwill is proud of the following accreditations: 

CARF - The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities accredits Goodwill's Vocational Rehabilitation Programs.

Carf Accreditation Results

Joint Commission of Healthcare Organizations (Delmarva Foundatiion) accredits our programs for the developmentally disabled.

COE - Council on Occupational Education Committee - accredits our Vocational Adult and Basic Education Programs.