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Vocational Training Programs

Goodwill Industries offers a variety of vocational opportunities to assist individuals with disabilities obtain and retain employment within the community.  For those individuals who have the capabilities and necessary aptitudes and interests, there are vocational training programs available in the areas of:  Office Careers, Power Sewing and Custodial.  Classes are taught by Miami-Dade County Public School teachers certified by the State of Florida.  The average length of time for each training curriculum is from 8 - 24 weeks, although all classes are open-ended to facilitate the learning process.  A principal advantage of this program in Goodwill Industries is the large number of workstations that are available for work experience so that the individual can later be referred to a job having not only the training but also the actual work experience.

Program Goal

The goal is to provide training in a particular skill, and to prepare the participant for an entry-level job in the competitive labor market.

Persons Served

As listed in Agency Program Information.

Admission Criteria

  • Meet Agency General Admission Criteria.
  • Applicants should have a Vocational Evaluation and Rehabilitation Service Plan from the referring agency or successfully complete an on-the-job evaluation in the desired training area.  The person must be able to attend the program full time.

Services Provided

  • Case management.
  • Individualized Program Plan (IPP).
  • Coordination of necessary support services from Goodwill (nursing services, translation to own language, accommodations, etc) or from the community (medical, psychological, transportation, socio-economic, etc.).
  • Adult Basic Education (provided by certified instructors from the Miami-Dade Public School System) offers participants’ basic academic skills, survival skills, job-related mathematics, reading, writing, etc., up to the acquisition of High School Graduate Equivalency Diploma GED.
  • Vocational/personal counseling and/or group instruction.
  • Employability skills
  • Advocacy

Individualized training based on the participant's needs, strengths, abilities, preferences, cultural background and desired employment outcome is provided in the areas of:

  • Office Careers
    Provides the skills and knowledge necessary to work as an entry level Data Entry Clerk, Receptionist, Telephone Operator, Mail Clerk, Secretary, Office Clerk, Typist, etc.  It includes typing, filing, retrieving business records, mail handling, human relations, telephone skills, basic computer operating skills, data processing, word processing, employability skills, leadership/communication skills, and appropriate grooming.
  • Custodial/Building Maintenance
    Provides skills and technical knowledge, safety practices and general information required for successful entry and advancement in the fields of custodial and minor building maintenance work such as: dusting and dust mopping; stairway cleaning; wet mopping; restroom cleaning; dry cleaning floors; scrubbing machine; furniture cleaning; glass cleaning; aluminum and tile cleaning; heating, cooling and ventilating equipment maintenance; stripping and waxing equipment and supplies; buffing machine; applying for and holding a job; safety procedures and career opportunities.
  • Industrial Power Sewing
    Prepares participants for employment as an Industrial Power Sewing Machine Operator or to pursue viable supplemental training for a person previously or currently employed in this occupation.  Some of the concepts that the participant learns during the training are:  Garment Assembly; principles in the management and effective use of time, money, space, energy and material resources; select appropriate tools and equipment for each task; operate the commercial machine to perform mass production skills in the preparation of work sections; basic sewing operations; care and maintenance of equipment and tools efficiently and safely; employability skills and career opportunities. 

Exit Criteria

  • Meets Agency Exit Criteria and/or
  • Has been transitioned to an on-site job-training program (Goodwill’s Work Services Programs), or in competitive or supported employment in the community.