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The American Flag, Fly it with Pride

Celebrating America's spirit with beauty that's built to last.

Nothing equals the sight of the United States of America flag in evoking feelings of pride and patriotism – a respect deserving of our flag derived from the thousands of Americans who have given their lives, under the flag, to defend freedom, human rights, and dignity.

It was with a profound sense of respect that in 1994, Goodwill South Florida commenced manufacturing flags, particularly the interment flag for the United States Government. Regarded as the most important flag produced, the interment flag is draped over the casket of those who served our country with honor, and is presented to the veteran’s family in appreciation for the veteran's service to our nation. This flag is also the most difficult to produce and requires the highest attention to detail.

Today, through the Goodwill Flag Center we manufacture commercial and custom flags in multiple styles and sizes. We are recognized as producing the finest flags, especially made with love and respect by people with disabilities and other barriers to work.

Flags & Accessories

The American Flag

A 3' X 5' U.S. embroidered flag

Veterans Interment Flag

5' X 9.5' burial flag


State, Local & Custom Flags

A 3' X 5' U.S. embroidered flag

Flag Poles & Accessories

Custom sizes available


For custom orders or questions please email us

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