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Goodwill will provide laundry services for Jackson and create 75 additional jobs

Jackson Health System Announces 
$15 Million Contract with Goodwill

Last year, in what may have been one of its shrewdest business decisions since its founding in 1959, Goodwill Industries of South Florida launched one of the largest laundry businesses in the Southeastern United States to serve the booming healthcare industry in South Florida and –in the process– continued training, employment and job placement for people with disabilities. Since then, Goodwill hasn't looked back. Yesterday, the Public Health Trust, which operates Jackson Health Systems, announced that it has awarded the $15 million 3 year contract to Goodwill. 

The 50,000 square-foot plant located at 6201 NW 36th Ave. will provide laundry services of bed sheets, top sheets, pillow cases, towels, patient gowns, scrubs and more, to Jackson Health System locations, including the main campus and eight other Jackson health industry facilities. Along with existing customers, like UM Health System, the addition of Jackson, will add another 9 million pounds of laundry annually and creating 75 more jobs for this contract alone.

Goodwill President and CEO David Landsberg called Goodwill's award "an exciting and bold decision that took great commitment on both sides to materialize". It is expected to reinforce the diversified entrepreneurial activities that generate the revenues that support the mission of the Miami-based nonprofit.

Besides servicing the larger hospitals, the facility also features a parallel system of washing and drying equipment to process smaller contracts such as those from rehabilitation centers, neighborhood clinics, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and hospitals with fewer beds. This dual washing line helps maintain the same cost-effectiveness and efficient service enjoyed by high volume customers.

The Goodwill laundry is the most state-of-the-art, energy efficient and environmentally friendly plant of its type in the nation. It has been built with the latest technologies and innovations, and its advanced automation helps streamline production and provide a major competitive advantage in quality, efficiency and price. The laundry business is an addition to the existing Goodwill services in areas such as, custodial and landscaping work, apparel manufacturing and other services already provided by Goodwill that will help create additional jobs for poor and unemployed workers with disabilities and special needs."
This contract will establish Goodwill as a leading force in the healthcare industry. "It will make us doubly proud of our unique Management Systems that deliver consistent quality, reliability and service at fair market prices", said Landsberg.

The plant is energy efficient and features many safeguards – such as backup generators to ensure a smooth operation under adverse conditions, even during and after hurricanes. The laundry's proximity to Liberty City, will have the added effect of creating 200-plus jobs once it reaches its full 40 million pound of laundry operating capacity to help a community whose unemployment rate is triple that of the entire Miami-Dade County.

As a business enterprise with a social mission, Goodwill uses the revenues generated by its five entrepreneurial divisions to significantly support its combination of rehabilitation-driven work programs and creation of employment opportunities. Its five entrepreneurial divisions are: Retail stores and donated goods, apparel manufacturing, custodial services, and other business services. 

About Goodwill's Goal: More Jobs for People with Disabilities.
Goodwill Industries of South Florida is a nonprofit organization dedicated to training, employment and job placement for people with transitioning individuals to independence and productivity.

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