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Help us rewrite the future for people with disabilities and barriers to work.

Nothing makes Susie Crandon* happier than to go to work every day. She has a routine and she’s greeted at work by people who know her name. She can take care of herself. Of course, you can relate. You take care of yourself and have a productive daily routine. Can you imagine it any other way?

Susie can, and so can thousands of other people with disabilities and barriers to work in South Florida. But you can continue to help us change that. Because of donors like you, Susie found hope and opportunity at Goodwill of South Florida, and so can many others with your support.

Susie’s story is one of Down’s syndrome and overcoming obstacles. Faced with a disability that hindered her independence, she came to Goodwill of South Florida a little over two years ago with no job experience. She was assigned a job coach who placed her in on-the-job training within Goodwill to prepare her for community employment. It was in this program that Susie learned valuable skills – daily routines, how to get to work on time, and how to interact with coworkers and managers.

Susie’s story is also her family’s story. They can now breathe easy with the knowledge that Susie works and can take care of her own basic needs. They, along with her job coach, know that she has a good chance of achieving her job goals because she is persistent, determined, and has the support of Goodwill behind her.

Your support of Goodwill has not only helped us give Susie the gift of a daily routine and the skills to work and care for herself, but together we have given her and her family hope for her future. This is especially important to people with disabilities and other barriers to employment as we continue to recover from Hurricane Irma.


A life Changing Gift 


There are currently 460,000 people with disabilities in South Florida. More than 377,000 are without work, and a shocking 94,000 live below the poverty level. Last year, Goodwill was able to help over 5,900 people, but that is a far cry from the need in our community. Our mission is to help many more people, and you can be part of the solution.

Would you believe that your gift can change the future for a person with a disability or other barrier to employment? Your gifts can support the cost of one week of training and job placement services for a person. What’s more, your gift will multiply when that newly trained person begins earning a salary!

Isn’t it amazing to see how life changing your gift can be in transforming a person with disabilities or other barriers to work into someone who can earn a paycheck? That is why your support is so vital. Your gift will multiply not only monetarily for those with disabilities or other barriers to work, but in immeasurable ways that you already experience:

• Sense of belonging in our community 

• Self-esteem

• Independence

Your support will help rewrite the life stories of others like Susie. Your generous gift will benefit our community. Would you make your gift right now to start making an impact?

Last year, we touched the lives of 5,900 people, but there’s still
more work to do!



We spend 95% of every dollar on programs helping people with disabilities and other barriers build skills, and use our rehabilitation services. Make an impact today with a donation.


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