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For Once In My Life Documentary: 

An award-winning inspiring story about the greatness within each of us.

Genre: Musical Documentary   •   Run time: 89 Minutes

Closing scene with band standing as they receive applause and a standing ovation, For Once In My Life documentary, Spirit of Goodwill band, award winning film about people with disabilities

The "Spirit of Goodwill" band plays for the U.S. Conference of Mayors in Miami.

For Once in My Life. An uplifting documentary takes an inspiring look at a unique band of singers and musicians who have a wide range of mental and physical disabilities and the dream to make music.  The story reveals the performers’ struggles and triumphs, as well as their severe challenges while on a journey to become true musicians and perform to large audiences.  With passionate concert footage and intimate behind-the-scenes glimpses into the band members’ lives, the film paints a heart-warming portrait of what people with disabilities can do when given a chance.


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The purpose of the film is to change people’s perspective about people with disabilities and show what can be accomplished when given an opportunity to succeed.This film is educational and informative, it is also entertaining and engaging. It uses the universal language of music and personal stories to tell your message – which appeals to a wide variety of people and groups who are particularly moved, touched and inspired to want to learn more and support your local outreach efforts.


The film portrays people with disabilities learning to play instruments and music in a contemporary band. In doing so the film demonstrates the same techniques and commitment employed by many Goodwills in training people with disabilities and special needs to work and become self-sufficient ­– a message that represents what all Goodwills do in America.


The band made up of people with a variety of disabilities – Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, intellectually challenged and visually impaired among others and how its music director prepare for the concert of their lives. Their personal stories are filled with setbacks, victories and—ultimately—growth as individuals. Perfection might become secondary to the joy of participation and sense of empowerment that shows on each musician's face. This disciplined group of men and women, with their own style of music, has much more to give than just a great sound. They offer inspiration and the message of music's nurturing powers for people with and without disabilities. It’s about a fundamental need of people just wanting to belong, to be accepted.  Participating in the band is their way of demonstrating to both themselves and their critics that they have something to contribute to society: skills, talent, and commitment. The band proves to be an important life lesson of hope and courage.


The documentary was filmed at Goodwill Industries of South Florida in Miami.


SXSW Film Festival:        Audience Choice Award
Sarasota Film Festival:    Audience Choice Award
Sonoma Film Festival:     Best Documentary Award
Nashville Film Festival:    Audience Choice Awards and Special Jury Award for Music Impact. 
Port Townsend Festival:  Best Feature Documentary Award
Heartland Film Festival:  Audience Choice Award

Selected and screened in New York and Los Angeles by the International Documentary Association’s (IDA) DocuWeeks August 2010.

Nominated by IDA & Winner as Best Music Documentary.

Invited to screen at a variety of film festivals across globally: China, Poland, Croatia, Germany, Sweden, Canada, Netherlands, etc.


Interested in Screening this film for your organization?


Partner with organizations across the nation to share a powerful message, expose the film to as many people as possible, create an opportunity to fundraise (directly or indirectly) while changing people’s perspective about people with disabilities. 


For Once In My Life will be available for licensing for a period of time along with a toolkit for pre- and post-marketing opportunities to attract diverse audiences interested in the film. 

Your Use:

The film can help create strong awareness at a local level. The movie is mainly a character-driven story with a broader appeal that emotionally connects with a variety of audiences. The film can be used to demonstrate the potential, the commitment, and more importantly, the difference it could make to all involved.  The film could position your organization as a capable and willing partner ready to make a difference in your own community.


For Once in my Life has been previewed at several film festivals and seen by thousands of people, including large numbers of people with disabilities and their families, rehabilitation and human services professionals, academics and educators, musicians, faith-based groups, corporate executives and media critics. Based on audience and media reaction, the film would help your organization to accomplish several important goals:
The film…. 
1.    Provides great opportunities for fundraising. Since each organization is different, you can use this film to fundraise by creating events, screenings, (public & private) panel discussions, just to name a few. 
2.    Demonstrates very the message of hope in action benefiting people with great need with great professionalism.   
3.    Creates an emotional connection within your community while subtly, but strongly promoting the message of opportunity that could generate local interest to organization, motivate supporters and increase donations. 
4.    Speaks for you and about your organization in ways that nothing else can, for a longer period of time than any advertising could ever do by promoting conversation and a new understanding about your organization in the community.
5.    Helps bring new understanding and great respect for the people with disabilities and special needs. The movie shows strong family values, loving and caring people with a desire to be responsible, independent and productive members of society. 
6.    Facilitates to solicit particular contacts in your own market
7.    Raises awareness and shows an intimate look at what it’s like to live and work with people with disabilities and special needs and how to relate to each other.
8.    Serves as an employee & Board morale booster about their jobs and what they do make a difference in people’s lives.
9.    Creates an opportunity to reach your mayor, legislators, advocates and positions your organization to serve in your city accordingly.
10.Provides an opportunity to reach out to local school system, educators and faith-based groups and churches.
11.Originates plans for an event that could serve as a vendor/employee/customer appreciation opportunity by offering free/discounted tickets. 
 Target Supporters:  Include Government and commercial contractors, individual and corporate donors, foundations, legislators and government officials.

Your Investment:

The time and resources you can commit to marketing the film in your community helps ensure that it stays on the road and is seen by as many people as possible. We hope that you recognize the return on investment you will receive as a result of your efforts.

Media Value:

Advertising Cost Comparison - Your costs in putting on a screening of this film could be equivalent to placing a small ad in a local newspaper. Although the reach of a newspaper ad, in numbers may be greater, the quality, retention, perception, and awareness this film offers its viewers will be greater than what any small ad can yield. 

Media & Press Approach- The press opportunity and agency association with the broad “feel good” message in the film is how your organization can benefit. 
The value, with the amount of press you receive, could outweigh the cost of placing a local ad and even the cost of the event itself. One short press story could lead to bigger, immeasurable press opportunities. After the event/film screens, the value of the ads you place subsequently could have more impact and value as your organization benefited from the event exposure. In other words, the earned media will not only generate awareness but also result in additional media endorsements that will far outweigh any small financial advertising investment.
There are many ideas and ways to promote your event. One is to reach out to local radio and NPR stations by offering the CD soundtrack of the film. The music can be leveraged to promote the film and your event by having your local radio stations talk about the film/event and play songs from the CD.
Here’s an e-mail from the Goodwill Nashville:
“Hi Lourdes, I know this is a very busy week for you but I did want to let you know that the film received a fabulous plug today on the NBC affiliate's midday show.  Two reps from the Nashville Film Festival were on the show and discussed how special For Once in My Life is and that it's a don't miss film.  If you have access to Critical Mention, you should be able to find it on NBC/Nashville/1:00-1:45 p.m. on the show, Better Nashville.  The link will be available for the next seven days.

Est. Audience = 31,088 Est. Publicity Value = $6,984.”  Suzanne Kay-Pittman

In this case, the publicity around the film, the event, and the local Goodwill paid for the initial investment.

Viral Community & Social Media - The film has a viral quality that engages people and really gets them talking, thinking and engaging on a variety of social media outlets – blogs, facebook, web press, links, mp3 radio interviews, Youtube (tweeting to a YouTube trailer) Twitter, etc. The film currently has an existing fan page on facebook that is included in all advertising materials.

“Uplifting… this group makes beautiful music together” Los Angeles Times

“This uplifting, crowd-pleasing docu, will rouse audiences” – Variety Magazine




An organization that screened this film reported that they won a sizable janitorial contract for their local convention center after coming to learn about Goodwill through the film.

 License/Event Package includes:         $99
High Definition DVD or Blu ray
Includes bonus material: Behind the scenes and “how” the band happens, audio description for the visually impaired, subtitles in English and Spanish, audio commentary with director/producer and more.

·       10 Press kits
·       200 invite tickets 
·       200 postcards to promote screening
·       4 Posters 
·       (5) T-Shirts 
·       (5) music soundtrack CD’s
·       Group Discussion Guideline
·       Event Planning Kit
·       Press Images 
Additional Products:
·       DVD’s  $16.99
·       Blu-Ray $19.99
·       Music CD movie soundtrack  $10
·       DVD/CD combo pack: $24.99
·       Blu-Ray/CD Combo pack: $32.99                                    
Purchase the “Event/License” version if you wish to use the film in connection with
public or educational/classroom screenings. This includes corporate, religious, nonprofit, etc. 
Anytime a film is shown outside a person's personal home, the screening is considered “public.” Even if "no" admission is charged and/or the film is screened by a nonprofit organization, school, or library. A license for public and educational institution use must be secured.

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